How to make money while running ?

How to make money with GTASK Carbon Reduction App ?

GTASK Carbon Reduction App, in addition to reward eco-friendly people, it will also provide many advantages with its collaborators.

Can it be possible that kind of easy to get free cryptocurrencies ?

Sure, and more easier than you imagine.

GTASK Carbon reduction app is being planned to encourage people to do more eco-friendly activites with rewarding GTASK token. Earned GTASK tokens can be easily converted into stablecoins via wallets and exchanges or they can be used as a payment method to get services/products from co-partners.

Activity options will be more and more than running and walking with collaborations. Using public transportation, cycling, using e-mobility devices, planting, healthy eating habits, trash pickup events, individual waste management acts and more activities like that will be the way of getting GTASK tokens as free.

GTASK Carbon Reduction App is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2023. Until releasing day, collaboration works and search will continue.



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GTASK is a project of GreenTask which is established to design and build new generation environmental and financial solutions.